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Even today, Java chat is being used on websites around the globe, both by individuals and by businesses. With the advent of voice chat, it seems a good time to look back at the history of chatrooms and take a moment to reflect on the important role wwa have played as the internet has evolved.

Messages appeared on all users' screens, and each character appeared on the screen as it was typed. Our friendly Moderators might be present in order to keep this room clean and peaceful at all times. Bymillion computers were running with Java. A web version of the program was launched in for those who are nostalgic for the earliest days of chat.

Java, as you know, revolutionized the internet.

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Chatrooms survive because people love to talk! Some chatrooms now have videoconferencing capability woven in, making it possible to chat and actually hear the voice of other chatroom participants. Woolley invented Talkomatic.

Popular chatroom service providers were Yahoo! MUD programs were popular among computer-literate users, and bythere were about MUD programs in use, with people chatting about gaming and other topics of mutual interest. Exploring the History of Chatrooms Sometimes, wireclug you can figure out where you're going, you have to look at where you've been.

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Public Online Chatrooms Are Born Ina University of Essex student named Roy Trubshaw created a computer program that allowed people to in a fantasy-based game from their home computers. Please read and follow the rules of conduct.

Those chatrooms have now passed into history, and a modern breed of chatrooms has emerged. Gotta love that name, right? Get started today!

Bydevelopers were working on a programming sww that would come to be known as Java. Talkomatic was part of a computer assisted instruction system used at the University of Illinois.

An intimate place to meet someone new, casually chat, or just have fun.

And Java chat rooms were born. The chat feature was limited and only five people could participate in chat at a time. Wireclub has hundreds of rooms already established. Anyone in this room will be able to send you private messages, regardless of your privacy settings. If you prefer, you can create your own chatroom or message people directly and chat with instant messages.

While Talkomatic was not the most efficient chatroom to ever function, it was the first. All conversations must be polite, respectful and free of profanity.

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Need help? Instant Messaging and Voice Chat Instant messaging services entered the chat world in the mids.

And Java chatrooms were popular, because Java enabled chatrooms to be directly embedded into a website. With Java, suddenly internet users could use dynamic graphics and applications on the web. It is a far cry from Talkomatic back in the day, but it exists because of the same basic premise.

This is a G-rated chat room. This is a lobby chat room.

Another ificant development for online chat came in At first, the MUD program was only used by Trubshaw's friends, but soon there were other versions of MUD programs wirexlub around, spreading throughout the internet, then in its infancy. Contact one of our Moderators. This meant that, for the first time, internet users could use chatrooms straight from their browser.

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People love to talk! Though it was originally deed as a sort of digital bulletin board, the functionality that most people enjoyed with it was the chat function. Can We Talk? Unlike Talkomatic, this chatroom program was for the public and was considerably closer in concept to the chatrooms of today. At Wireclub, you can free online chat rooms and indulge your love of chatting with friends and meeting new people.