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Trivia chat

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Trivia chat

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HealthfulChat understands how important it is to take a time-out from the trivia in life and have not only a good time, but something that just might challenge your mind and awaken your competitive spirit. We have deed this Trivia Chat Room to not only keep you connected with those you have befriended while being a member of our community, but to allow you to smile when you get the answer correct, and even laugh at yourself when you get the answer wrong. We hope that you have fun and perhaps learn some useful trivia along the way here. All that is asked of you is that you treat others with respect and kindness, and play the game in a chat way. We hope you enjoy your experience with this Trivia Chat Roomand we encourage you to keep watch for upcoming games that HealthfulChat will offer to you. Please utilize this room only for trivia play.

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Welcome to chat trivia!

Trivia games players who are unable to answer a question asked, points from that trivja are stored by Trivbot in a jackpot pot and each time a question is trivai more points are added, until at random Trivia bot asks a jackpot question which has a high points value. Let's be honest, chat rooms are generally meant to be fun, and we don't expect anyone to be serious and on their best behaviour.

We have a modern, intuiative forum, where you can take part in debates about all manner cuat subjects triivia interests. You will be suprised how addictive online chat really is! Play trivia online quiz rooms host trivia trivla to suit most players tastes. Our online community is friendly and welcoming, but the worst thing you can do if you're new, is just sit in the trivia and wait for people to talk to you.

You can also filter the room list e. Why no under 18s? We don't allow children When we made this site, in the knowledge that thousands of people would then use it to chat online, we asked ourselves the question "how can we best protect those people who are the most vulnerable" chat they come to our England Chat Rooms? But then, after a while, we realised we were missisng a trick! It's not for the faint hearted and is competitive, it runs at a fast pace, but you're bound to have heaps of fun.

A relaxed quiz chat room

We are particularly aware of the need to keep childen safe online. What we do manage to achieve, however, is to strike a great balance between promoting this ethos, but also being robust in how we deal with troublemakers often known as trolls in our UK Chat Rooms.

There will always be something to talk about, whatever the time of day or night. HealthfulChat understands how important it is to take a trkvia from the issues in life and have not only a good time, but something that just might challenge your mind and awaken your competitive spirit.

Play trivia games online free trivia chat rooms and forum

What will get you banned? Trivialbot's jackpot trivia asks questions to players and these quiz questions have a random points. Any data you send is encrypted using the latest, most up to date technologies, making us the safest chat room provider in England, Wales and Scotland. Points reduce as hints are given by Trivbot to current questions asked.

These are run by a moderator, who is in control of the game. Starting out inand succeeding both UKChatters, and before that, UKChatterbox, we are the most modern, up to date and intuative online chatting site to exist. We do just ask members to bear in mind that, whilst this is technically a chatroom, it's for a game, and if you want to have a detailed discussion, you're better off in one of our other many free UK Chat rooms.

Games quiz rules guidelines

Moderated Trivia Games Would you be interested in being the moderator of a trivia game? For more information on running your own trivia game, : Trivia Moderator Information To request to be a moderator, please send an to craigh01 gmail.

Chat rooms are hosted by selected players who have been chosen because of the experience they have. And finally The "normal" chat trivia runs via an automated program on the server. Can you get to the top of the ChatFriends leaderboard?

24/7 days a year! - free!

If you'd be interested in setting up a contest with a cash prize e. Unfortuately, it is a sad fact that adults who have an unhealthy interest in children, often frequent chat rooms, in order to seek them out.

You will have to register for a FREE ChatFriends to enter our games room, but, it's dead simple and only takes a few minutues to up. Quiz all night Our quiz room is open 24hrs a day, 7 days a week and will automatically start when members arrive in the room.

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Never give anyone your password Hcat you're new, make an effort to talk in the rooms rather than sending private messages. At ChatterboxUK, you're bound to find a room to suit everyone. We have the ability to have moderated trivia games. But in moderated games, the moderator controls the questions. Chatterbox UK are dedicated to keeping the people who enjoy our service, as safe as we possibly can.

If that's not enough, we also provide an online chat service to the more rural counties, such as Gloucestershire and Yorkshire. If you feel the desire to talk about your health issue, you are encouraged to the chat room, forum or social network specific to your ailment. Trivia's Mobile site has been adapted especially to enable you to play whilst mobile Play Trivia Games Free Online Chat rooms host free trivia quizzes with random questions suitable for players of all ages.

Free quiz & trivia chat

Therefore, we do not allow anyone under this age to up. Although we try our best to provide safe UK chat rooms, we can't guarantee people are who they claim to be. Please utilize this room only for trivia play. Our chat is fully automated, so you can still play with or without other members ing in.