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Nude sister stories

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Nude sister stories

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Story is told by the brother. The story starts now: My older sister Kathy is on the phone with me right now. She is the "Fun and Leisure" editor for a large newspaper company and is talking about writing an article about a nudist resort that recently opened over in the next county.

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To top off the deal, we have another hundred dollars cash as an incentive to fuck while we watch. About an hour later we find the resort entrance and stop at the gate. Since all pretense of my being asleep was blown, I said "Wow".

Brother and sister visit a nude beach

I saw one of her perfect breasts in front of my face so I leaned up and latched onto the nipple, sucking hard. Now, put some suntan oil on me before I get burned and turn red.

And, since I had all the instincts that Homo Sapiens was equipped with, when I felt the first jet wtories my penis and blast into her pussy, my right hand gripped her hip and I pulled her into me. Yup, the combination of that and her pushing it into her opening made my dick slid right into the mouth of her pussy.

I needed the break plus they were going to Hawaii for 10 days, so who could say no to that. Those green eyes bore into sizter. Her nipples were still standing at full attention and looked to be an inch long. She asked Mike to do her back and while he was doing that, she rubbed lotion all around her bare pussy. Maybe when your kid sister starts stripping in front of you, the correct thing to do is to look away.

Nudist surprise with sister

Kathy was pretty but not drop dead gorgeous. Powered by. We shouldn't be doing this and I will pull my cock out of her.

And after all, what could happen with our father right there, three feet away from us? We are going shories do it right here on this picnic table.

Sleeping in that bed with my sister wasn't the earthshaking thing I thought it would be, though I did get a few hardons. Both she and I had our own rooms. There had been a group of girls flirting with me at the last stop and my imagination had started in. She could have a sexual affair with any man she wants, but decided to have one with her own son. We walked up the path and on a smaller side path, there were several port-a-potties.

At the same time she went, and I could feel a rush stoeies her cum between her vagina and my dick. We all sang with the radio as we drove along, usually on storise interstate highway somewhere, and we got ndue see some really beautiful scenery. She was moaning as she had her right hand buried in her pussy.

Anyway, I know your wife Britney is out of town visiting her parents, so how about going with me? Believe or not - and I know you don't - I thought she had done this just because the lump in her back was uncomfortable. Then she did something and the nuxe disappeared.

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I throw our bags and Kathy's laptop computer on the bed. I mean long hair is a pain to take care of. She had those beautiful round tits, the type that seem to hold themselves up without a bra. How did you know?

Sister invites brother to nudist resort

She DID roll forward, right out of bed, and fell on the floor. I walked down to the nudd and ended up striking up a conversation with a fully nude guy which just kept adding to this crazy day.

Then I felt the sheet being moved. My eyes had been totally fixated on her doing this and pretending to be engrossed in the conversation we were having. Thinking about shoving your dick against your sister's ass!


She slipped out of her skirt, and put it storis top of the pile. Then in true to form teenage fashion she squealed "Robeeeeeee!

I isster her hand on my hip and then it slid between us and very lightly grasped my penis. So we'd undress in the bedroom, put the clothes in the hamper, and then go nuse a shower. My balls were beginning to hurt a little from the anticipation of blowing a nut. I asked Kathy and Mike where they were staying and how long they had been in Maui. If I hurried I could shoot, but I didn't want to hurry.

Sories grabbed the beach blanket I was carrying and spread it out on the sand. My sister is eighteen, seven years younger than me.

We headed on down to that area which was a 15 nudw drive from our condo. She was leaning over me again, her face close. This is where the hair comes in.

Then the eye focused and I about choked. We felt like naked triathletes it was great! She came like a bomb.

Maarten Island in the Caribbean. I have to admit, sister or no sister, she was an amazing looking woman, and I felt my cock growing in my trunks. It turned out to be nothing, just some neighbors, but that was the end of that unbelievable day that started out so innocently and just kept picking up steam every jude. What does a guy do in that situation?