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Mistress lux twitter

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Mistress lux twitter

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If you wanted to add in the income from selling videos and photos from content exchange shoots, that could easily double. Twitter can very easily be your best friend, but only if you use it to your advantage.

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Life should never be dull or boring for you or for Me, so I tend to do things in a different way. I only stock the best equipment….

Mistress lux

If you wanted to add in the income from selling videos and photos from content exchange shoots, that could easily double. Use that as a guide for when to schedule tweets. They can just search [your twitter handle] and see what everyone is saying without it clogging up their timeline. I am not one to blow my own trumpet, but I do have lovely feet. I am not a Mistress who particularly enjoys playing with people who are trying to reenact BDSM porn as quiet, grovelly slaves.

It goes without saying that I am an excellent strict school Mistress.

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Use keywords to describe yourself! I am an utterly engaged and convincing role player- quite the performer, really!

If you do, I highly recommend spending time hustling elsewhere. Having been on the receiving end in the past, I know exactly what you are feeling.

I enjoy taking all people in hand and managing them so they are able to become more than they were before they entered My presence. Having an ego on Twitter is quite possibly worse than having an ego in real life. I am someone who seeks to create an authentic experience so I require you to bring your authentic self to session.

I tend to specialize in multiple hour, more complicated sessions. Life is for living.

If you are a kinky play partner, slave, newbie, curious or have wanted to indulge in a long held fantasy or taboo play, I am a cheeky, minded kinkster and Mistress and I will assist you in exploring your desires or use you to explore Mine. Use hashtags to describe it feet XXX ass. Being popular is great, but again with the ego. If it is a new producer, ask them for references. I tend to veer away from the more usual way of doing things.

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Here are some tips on how to make Twitter your bitch : mostress. Do you have a website? Availability for My personal Dungeon in Dandenong: Tuesday: 12pm — 7pm later via appointment Friday: 12pm — 7pm later via appointment Further information about Me: For skill sets, sessions available, blog, galleries, location and other information, please check my website www.

My sessions tend to be like my personality; lively, animated, passionate, intense, challenging, never dull and never the same. Advertising a new clip? Availability for Club Pleasure Huntingdale Dungeon: Monday: 12pm — 7pm later via appointment Thursday: 12pm — 7pm later via appointment Dandenong: I also work from my own purpose built dungeon I deed and built Myself in Dandenong.

Mistress vianne

Obviously the people tweeting comments about how they want to do all sorts of things to you can be ignored or simply just thanked for their support. We get it.

People like teasers, so get a really great still photo and use it. These sessions can be sensual and relaxing experience, tqitter involve extreme levels of torture caused by my stiletto heels.

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Yea, I get it. I currently operate as an independent or private Mistress. Interact with almost everyone. Breath play, smothering, asphyxiation, drowning and waterboarding No Mercy scenarios Corporal Mistress and Impact play: I am well practiced in wielding the cane and the strength of my bare hand spankings often leaves naughty boys breathless. I am not a lifestyler or sex worker who is value adding to a service or looking to cut into a new market to boost my income.

You will become more because I expect and demand more. This means I do not need you to be on your knees, groveling or whimpering at my feet if you are not a slave.

Free comic: mistress lux.

List that! Nobody has that kind of time to sit and update Twitter with the same post over and over and over again. Put that in your profile! My Dungeon space is huge and has every toy and piece of equipment you can conceive from frameless VacBeds, E-stim devices, corporal equipment, hoods, gags, sling etc. Ideally, you want someone to see the ad times.

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I am an accomplished bondage artist with an idiosyncratic and imaginative style. Life is for adventure. Once ywitter people realise I am not a Mistress who gets off primarily on pain and I give them the confidence to be themselves and explore, they then glide through their initial sessions without a care in the world, leaving with a smile on their faces and wobbly knees. Do they interact with others in the industry both colleagues and people that they hire? If someone is asking you for photos or videos, send them a link back to your site in response!

I session in two Dungeons when in Melbourne. I do not guess at how to perform certain activities so you have an excellent chance of walking away alive with me lol. Posting a photo of something specific? Do they have a website listed? I enjoy both causing pain with them and twither them worshipped, should you deserve it!