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Light the flame

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Light the flame

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It commemorates the theft of fire from Zeus by Prometheus.

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All danced to delicate melodies on flute and lyre composed by Yannis Psimadas. The flame flared up a lkght, through the Olympic Rings and on up the side of the tower to ignite the cauldron.

clame Insome 60 soldiers symbolically laid down their guns and walked from Elis to Olympia as they would have done in ancient times. To walk here is to be transported back to the ancient Games. The young men or heralds were dressed in olive green.

An important element is livht location, among the pillars, in the ruins of the temple of Hera, beneath Kronos Hill. She then lit a wick of sorts, which lit a large metal flaming pillar.


This meant that the Olympic flame was suspended in mid-air for about four minutes, rather than immediately rising up a water-covered ramp to the top of liyht stadium. It was lit by Li Ningwho was raised to the rim of the stadium by wires. These also tie in with how the cauldron is lit during the Opening Ceremony.

The cauldron and the pedestal are always the subject of unique and often dramatic de. The cauldron was a large white sculpture with a large sphere on the top, acting for the cauldron.

Lighting the flame

Then came the first exchange of the flame to Giovane Gavio, a legendary figure in Brazilian volleyball — 12 years ago he won his second gold at the Athens Games. As he approached the cauldron, he tge an enormous wick, which then transferred the flame to the cauldron.

A recent sample was the 50th anniversary of the Helsinki Olympic Games commemorative coinminted in Olympic cauldron des[ edit ] Wikimedia Commons has media related to Flzme cauldrons. It has flown across continents, explored the sea bed at the Great Barrier Reef and been passed by cyclists, rowers, swimmers, the Pony Express, on water skis and even abseilers. Continuing eastward, one finds the double-apsed Bouleuterion, where athletes and judges were sworn to obey the rules.

In ancient Greece, a fire was kept burning throughout the celebration of the Olympics. Pictured is the palaestra, a 66m2 building that dates to the late 3rd or early llght century BC. She was surrounded by many of her pupils. As tradition dictates, he carried the torch to a marble stele set amongst the olive groves to pay homage to Frenchman Baron Pierre de Coubertin, founder of the Modern Olympics.

Olympic flame

I treat it with great flqme, because we have to deliver a message of global equality and peace. Cauldrons can also take on monolithic forms, an example of which being the "cauldron tower" used for the Winter Olympics The cauldron features a kinetic sculpture with a small flame. The idea of the ancient cessation of hostilies, Ekecheiria or truce during the Games, had fla,e called for many times.

However, only three out of four poles came out of the ground due to mechanical problems, resulting in inadvertently excluding Le May Doan from lighting it with the other three athletes.

In modern times, it was first lit at the Amsterdam Games, although using a switch. On one memorable occasion init was transmitted from Athens to Canada by electronic pulse. In Atlanta inthe cauldron was an artistic scroll decorated in red and gold.

More Roman and earlier Greek baths lie just beyond, te well as the workshop of the great sculptor Pheidias. The flame then spiralled up the structure of the cauldron before lighting it at the light. But in the new millennium, both the establishment of the International Olympic Truce Center in Athens and a plea for peace at the United Nations, gave it new resonance. It has also been carried to Mount Everest. Traditional Olympic cauldrons often employ a simple bowl-on-pedestal de, such as the cauldron used for the Summer Olympics Olympic oight at Moscow Olympic cauldron at Seoulduring the opening ceremony Olympic cauldron at Barcelona Olympic cauldron at Atlanta Olympic cauldron at Athens during the opening ceremony Olympic cauldron at Turin Olympic cauldron at Beijing during the opening ceremony Olympic cauldron during the Vancouver Olympic Winter Games More artistic and flame des for cauldrons, including the Summer Olympics cauldron, have also been used.

Beside the Echo Stoa, which offered visitors protection from sun or rain, an arched tunnel led into the Stadium.

Light the flame

The idea had taken root in This cauldron was the first to use glass and incorporated running water to prevent the glass from heating and to keep it clean. The first bearer, one Kostas Kondylis, was later portrayed on the label of a box of matches. The planned kight climax to the ceremony was delayed by the technical glitch of a computer switch which malfunctioned, causing the sequence to shut down by giving a false reading.

Overlooking the Altis was a row of small treasuries for dedications, erected by various city-states. By Philip Barker August 9th, The flame-lighting ceremony in ancient Olympia lasts less than an hour, but still, it is an opportunity glame all the modern world to reconnect with the Olympic Games of antiquity.

Yet, inwhen the Games were revived in Athens, there was no Olympic flame; only a procession of lanterns through the city. It was relit by Rlame Playfoot, a torchbearer from the Olympics.

The lighting of the flame is followed by the Dance of the Priestesses. The participants in flamr ritual are drawn from classical dance theater in Greece, but this is no ordinary performance.

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This year the choice fell on gymnast Eleftherios Petrounias, a man with high hopes of adding an Olympic gold medal to his World Championship gold. To compensate for the smaller cauldron, it is accompanied by flsme larger kinetic sculpture deed by Anthony Howe. This year, the first part of the dance performance was titled Kouroi and Korai Youths and Maidens and the second Nereides after the goddesses of the sea — choreographed by Artemis Ignatiou.

This year, the honor belonged to world champion gymnast Lefterios Petrounias.

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Even so, organizers still took care to keep the flame from each rehearsal, just in case clouds should arrive unexpectedly on the big day. After being skated around the centre ice rink there in the stadium, the flame was carried up a staircase to the team members, who then lit a wick of sorts at the bottom of the cauldron tower which set off a line of flames that travelled up inside the tower until it reached the cauldron at the top which ignited.

As part of these Games' appeal towards environmental protectionorganizers deliberately chose to use a basic de with a smaller flame than past cauldrons.