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Ancestry is the very easiest I have used. I have found so much on that sight, as it is set up very simple.

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Unfortunately,most of the time I sit staring at the screen on FS and cant figure out at all what to do.

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As a result, this fund has been removed from online donation forms. People get so excited when I show them Ancestry, they love it. Sending or forwarding inappropriate content is prohibited. Please note the help section references feature that may not be enabled in Church E-mail.

Sending or forwarding electronic messages that either contain or refer to material that is sexually oriented, offensive, fraudulent, harassing, intimidating, defamatory, threatening, abusive, or improperly discriminatory is prohibited. Learn more Conversation View - s are grouped together. All rights reserved.

Need an ? Learn more Filters - Automatically label or archive mail based on keywords, logkn and more. We invite you to select a different fund s using the "Add a fund by name or " option below.


Learn more Yes, Church E-mail includes calendaring. Then many years ago I needed to give the church my ancestry sheet, I don't remember how many generations.

Please, please, please fix it. The Church owns the contents of all Church messaging systems. Please note that not all features in the support and help forums are available for Church E-mail Google Groups. Ancestry is the very easiest I have used.

Did you know that your browser is out of date?

Then hire who ever did Ancestrys and have them program FS like Ancestrys and people will love it and be excited to work on it. Click on lds.ort links to find out more about how to use them: Labels - Apply multiple labels to a message.

In my ward my calling is genealogy. Your Church Ldsorg is deed to accommodate all your needs using only a web browser. They can do in 1 or 2 clicks what it takes FS to do in about 10 or more and you still aren't sure you have done it right. My suggestion, pay someone to program for you, like Ancestry.

Learn more Integrated Search - Find s fast. Your Church is currently disabled.

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Please take a look at Ancestry and compare it to FS. Personal use of Church messaging systems for commercial or political is prohibited, as is any use that is illegal or would bring unfavorable attention to the Church such as broadcasting personal views on social issues. Well, I could do the research but had to find someone to enter it for me because I just couldnt do it. I have a problem with myhow do I get help using my new ?

Please note that the login section references feature that may not be enabled in the Church E-mail. Where can I learn more about the features in the Church E-mail? Personal use Incidental and occasional personal use of Church messaging systems is permitted.

What are E-mail groups and how can I use the groups feature? It may be that you cannot in because something is not set up properly with your LDS. Mulitple Calendars - Add other user's calendars or Internet Calendars. If you are unable to after multiple attempts, please click "Get Church in help" below.

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To find groups or setup a group, to your Church E-mail and click on the Groups link in the upper left corner. I have never had anyone ever help me with Ancestry as it is just so simple to use. E-Mail: cservices ldschurch. Access must llogin secured by an appropriate password or PIN that meets minimum security standards.