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The ibo guide is super useful, it literally goes over lop is necessary. You may act out a monologue or dialogue script with a friend, you may do an oral presentation with a powerpoint or without, you may do a story, etc. There are different youtube videos that can show you what others have done.

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Teachers must be satisfied that students have understood specific words, phrases and allusions, as well as appreciated their importance within the extract or poem. Read it. A more extensive list of samples of oip questions can be found in the teacher support material. In what ways does the tone shift throughout the poem?

Did you find the essayist skilled in bringing the work to a particularly satisfying conclusion? Hi, the IB Lit A1 syllabus consists of a few different modules: The IOP, or individual oral presentation, is a minute presentation you give to the class about a topic in one of the texts you've studied for that section.

Some ilp sample questions are included in the teacher support material. Conduct of the discussion Transition from the commentary After the minute commentary and subsequent questions, the teacher informs the student that the discussion is commencing note that the recording device is not switched off. It can be the typical formal presentation with a powerpoint presentation, or it iop be a formal presentation and then you can ask questions to get a discussion io;, or it can be role play, etc.

For some people it works better to not have to practice before hand, for others they must practice multiple times to feel confident!

It also includes a short reflective statement on class-wide interactive orals you should have done with your class on each of the texts you studied. Hope that helps!

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Can you for that effect based on some choices you see that the writer has made in constructing the character? What is the role of anecdote in the work and how well do you think this writer handled that feature? A 4 is a passing score.

Again, no right or wrong way of doing it. What for you was the most riveting or satisfying moment in the play?

The WA, or Written Asment, is an in-depth essay analyzing one feature, factor, theme or whatever in one of the texts you've studied. Detailed procedures for the oral activity can be found in the Handbook of procedures for the Diploma Programme. Do you think any profound human truths iopp being considered in this play or do you see its main purpose as keeping an audience iv in human behaviour? Teachers may also make direct use of sample questions that suit their chosen extracts.

D: Ip of Language How accurate, clear and precise is the language used by the candidate? How is figurative language used to convey the content? Can you see how the playwright elicited such a response? You may act iib a iop or ub script with a friend, you may do an oral presentation with a powerpoint or without, you may do a story, etc. They may be used when appropriate to the work, but teachers are free to formulate their own questions. What might be considered ambiguous in this poem?

I'm doing one character, Lady Bracknell from Wilde's 'the Importance of Being Earnest', and formatting the presentation as a court case evaluating whether or not she's just a scapegoat for societal commentary in the play.

The ibo guide is super useful, it literally goes over what is necessary. What is the relationship between the title and the poem itself?

I recommend you look at a copy of the IB syllabus for English lit, and at examples of IOPs and IOCs the former can be found on youtube to get an idea of what you should be doing. Subsequent questions 2 minutes Teachers must engage in a discussion with students to probe further into their knowledge and understanding of the extract or iib poem. Individual oral presentation Note: The individual oral presentation is internally assessed and IB moderation takes place through the individual oral commentary.

In the case of less confident students, teachers must draw them out on the original guiding questions to give them the opportunity io improve or expand on doubtful or inadequate statements. You should be working with your teacher and handing in plenty of drafts to make sure that's on point. How enthusiastic were you about the novel or short story in the opening s or iop Students should be given an opportunity to demonstrate their independent understanding of the work under discussion.

They should suggest areas for discussion, but students are free to use the guiding questions or not, as they choose.

What features of the work most attracted you, for example, the history or the geography, the encounters with people, or the personal reactions of the writer? The aim of the discussion is to engage the student in a literary discussion of the work.

If iip use props to enhance your presentation. Preparation 20 minutes During this time students are supervised. Did you observe any contrivances in the novel that were in some way distracting, such as coincidences, or unresolved questions, unconvincing resolutions, chance meetings and so on? Is there any person in the work, other than the writer, whose presence you found to be forceful or memorable?

Internal assessment

That's followed also for HL by a minute interactive discussion with your teacher on another text you've studied. Students must be given adequate notice of when the oral will take place. How appropriately does the candidate integrate supporting uop to the extract iop jb s? Students are not penalized if their commentary does not directly address the guiding questions. How does the progression of ideas contribute to the development of the theme s?

Teachers may only intervene if a student panics and needs positive encouragement, or if a student is off target or is finding it difficult to continue.

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You should have 3 or 4 texts to chose from, and can address the presentation in a lot of different ways- it can be analytic, a piece of drama, a monologue as one of the io; in the texts etc. Details are provided each year in the Handbook of procedures for the Diploma Programme.

Teachers may, if they wish, conduct all individual oral commentaries and discussions on one day or over several days. How emotionally or intellectually satisfying did you find the conclusion of the novel or short story? Bi details are the same as at SL. How powerfully—or not—would you say the setting affected the events or action of the novel?