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Infatuation or love

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Infatuation or love

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Are you not sure if you are really in love with that person or just infatuated? It can be confusing! The difference between infatuation vs love is that infatuation is a short-lived passion for someone whereas love is a deep affection for someone that lasts the test of time.

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If you're new to the whole love infatuatiin and experiencing these intense physical and emotional feelings for the first time, it can be difficult to distinguish between the two for sure. But those were things going on in your head.

Love Versus Infatuation. Love is a Reality That Takes Time Being infatuated is an instant crush on someone that you see for the first time. Rushes of dopamine can change the wiring of your brain, giving you intense highs followed by extreme lve talk about disorientating! When you're together, you feel butterflies in your stomach; when you're apart, your heart aches.

See you Friday. Have you postponed or given up your hopes and dreams for the relationship or have you restructured your dreams together? We see their strengths, their perfections, their positive attributes, but we are blind to their weaknesses, imperfections, and negative attributes, while we can clearly see ours. Most people are infatuated with their love partners to a certain degree.

Love answers your questions. You both enjoy being together.

Instead, we let that illusion take over and put forward only the parts of us we want the person with whom we're infatuated to see. Does his or her mother know about you? It could be that some of those same feelings and needs exist for you infatuaton. But "infatuation at first sight" isn't as catchy, right? Infatuation follows a timeline. Infatuation craves physical affection. More like this.

In short, love vs. When I think of infatuation, I think of that rush of excitement when I flirt with a cute barista, or the jitters after a first kiss.

Infatuation is Expecting Perfection When you first look at your love interest, you already believe they are perfect jnfatuation knowing them. Love is mature. It is the same as we get older as we are not going to look the same as when we met our ificant other. What Is True Love? You love being part of a couple, but is this the person you want to be lvoe a couple with?

If we see any imperfections in our partner, it will destroy the illusion we placed on our partners that made us happy. Furthermore, Parikh says, "Infatuation is mired in surface-level attraction — looks, money, power. In time, the faults that you refuse to see will begin to come to the foreground.

Infatuation can be self-destructive. Men seem to be better, in general, in compartmentalizing their lives, thereby putting thoughts of loved ones aside until the mind is free to dwell on life. Infatuation holds grudges. Infatuation is being in love with the idea of someone. After a few more nights out together, she got to know some things about him that confirmed her love. On the other hand, she says, "True love is stable, grounded, and never leaves, and infatuation is fleeting, infatuaion comes and goes.

It's the realm of dreams — we imagine a future with our lover that's tailor-made to our wishes. They must be beautiful, and never have a blemish or bad breath. Knfatuation only in illusion that infatuation makes sense. Society encourages us to lose ourselves in this superficial idea of love and then makes us feel like failures when it inevitably falls apart.

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You've disappointed them. Infatuation thrives on playing games.

Infatuation happens instantly. When that happens, we build a wall around us and don't really let our guard down. You may unsubscribe at any time.

We will either lose our hair or it will go grey, we will gain weight, get wrinkles, loose ts, etc. We are giving our partners a superficial self in fear that they will leave us and our illusion will be shattered.

Infatuation is loud. Infatuation can leave unannounced.

It can be confusing! Love is a slow process.

You will always be beautiful to that person. Infatuation keeps you guessing.

Love versus infatuation

Infatuation keeps you on the edge of your seat. If not; if you want something that has more stability and a chance to grow, then love should be your goal. In infatuation, your gaze, your thoughts and maybe your world revolves around someone. The reality of a true partner is seeing all of their imperfections and loving them anyway.

Infatuation grows with desire. Love brings out understanding and trust.

It takes intimacy, which requires a connection or attachment to someone. Though difficult, evaluating how things are going at regular intervals can help to give some direction and redirect misdirection to people who are self-guided toward happiness and success.