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Funny names to call someone

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December 11, Funny Names to Call People Coming up with funny names to call people, bet it your friends and family would rather leave you with fun-filled memories and inside jokes. It is however, not an easy job to fnuny of a funny name for someone. This article comprises of funny names to call people which you can choose and benefit from.

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Duracell: A funny nickname for a person that never gets tired. Curly-Q: A nickname for a hot curly-haired girl. Punk: An alternative guy, who does not follow any general rules.

Blinky: A nickname for a guy who blinks too much. Pint-Sized: A nickname used to describe a short guy or girl.

Smiley: Someone who smiles all the time. Trailer Trash: Someone without any matters. Yes-guy: A funny nickname for a spineless guy.

Justin Bieber: Has he entered puberty, yet? It is common that we know a plenty of positive words to appreciate or motivate someone, but we go blank when we share the negative thoughts about a person or their attitude. Monday Morning: Someone you do not want to see.

He never stays at the same location for too long. Thundernuts: A guy who got tasered in the nuts. Daredevil: There is always that one guy who is not afraid of anything.

Biggie: Is there anyone bigger than this guy? Slob: Appropriate nickname for someone who is too messy.

Funny names to call people [someone,friends,family]

Minion: You would use this for a guy or girl who takes orders from you. Chubs: A funny name for a chubby person. Mattressback: An insulting nickname for a female colleague that has slept with almost every guy in the office. Slut Muffin: A funny name to call a guy that gets all the girls.

Genuinely funny nicknames for guys and ladies

OCD: There is always that one guy or girl who cleans all the time and freaks out whenever something is dirty. So here are weird names to call people also. Antenna: A funny nickname for a person who can smell food no matter where you hide it. Scarecrow: A guy who is not that pretty, so he scares women easily.

Half Pint: This is someoje you would call a short guy or girl. Itsy Bitsy: Is there anyone smaller than this girl? Nun: A nickname for a religious girl who follows all religious rules.

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Lubber: A perfect nickname for a large, clumsy guy or girl. Bitsy: A cute nickname for such a petite girl.

Funhy Someone who does nothing all day. Hobbit: A nickname for a guy with a Bigfoot. Toothpick: This is a nickname for someone who is too skinny so that he or she looks just like a toothpick. Furious: Someone with such a bad temper.

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Jet: Does it seem like this guy is changing places so fast? Chicken: A guy who is scared of everything. Brownie: A nickname for a dark-haired girl. Wednesday: This is how you will tk someone who is a middle.

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Over-Thinker: Do they ever do anything spontaneously, or they always have to overthink everything? Cheeky Chimp: A nickname for a fun, playful person.

Monkey Butt: A nickname used for a girl who likes spending her free time inside her house. Tonto and Tonta: A Spanish word for someone who seems stupid. Trial and Error: Someone who fails every time he or she tries fknny do something.