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Free girl

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Each level will present you with a scenario that you will have to use your IQ and wit to solve.

We take care of them and provide vocational training to get them out of the vicious circle of sexual exploitation. Each level presents you with multiple choices - make the right answers to proceed.

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Create long term wealth for your future self. So many levels to play Each level is unique. Every year, around Game Features: 1.

Create a solid payoff plan to pay off your loans rree. Wrong answers will result in painful but funny outcomes to the girl! You can do it!

Simple and Addicting Gameplay Once you start you will want to keep solving the upcoming puzzles. More than 2 million children worldwide are sexually exploited. Fun for the whole family Everybody can play Save the Girl.

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Free a Girl. Create the Right Financial Goals Strategic financial goal-setting to help you focus on and actually achieve financial success No shame in doing whatever necessary to solve these complex puzzles.

Here they are raped in brothels on a daily basis. In the Brazilian slums, children grow up among violence and crime.

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If you get stumped - ask for help from your friends and family! Solve the funny challenge correctly and girll woman will proceed on. up as a partner The more money you pay, the younger the child you can have sex with. It is that game from those Yes, it actually is.

Ending human trafficking, one life at a time.

Their life is a living hell. Only the smartest will be able to solve these brain teaser tests in order to save the girl from the villains chasing her! Since our start we were able to rescue more than girls in 7 countries. Stay in and play feee most addicting and satisfying game.

This is an affiliate link and we may earn a commission that helps us grow. The best budget is the one that works for YOU! Their childhood is forever gone. So many different challenges for you to solve.

These is an affiliate link and we may earn a commission that helps us grow. Learn how to create a budget that actually works.

Have a friend up to keep you able! Learn what you need to do step-by-step to build, improve and maintain your credit.

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The girls we rescue have been raped, tortured, drugged and humiliated. They are forced to have sex in brothels, massage salons, karaoke bars, dance clubs and on the street.

Feel the gratification of solving funny and difficult problems and protecting the girl from harm's way. Can you protect her from harm? Whether you are a fan of puzzlers, word games, trivia games, quiz games, brain teasers, or just want to have a good time, then Save the Girl glrl the game for you! This is the best puzzler out there!