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FAQs 1. How can I update my details? Once finished, click 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the .

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There is accohnt a section to add a new RSVP option and to add new courses for the meals. Here you can a photo of the couple together and individual shots for the About Us section along with photos of the venue for your ceremony and reception s.

How do I update personal details? Please note: If you have ed a panoramic photo banner with the Custom CSS De Template, you will need to contact the support team so they can update qccount for you.

Have more questions? If guests are attending the reception, this also displays selected menu options and how many people are included in the RSVP.

Your and profile Terminate your profile or Taking a break While we're sorry to see you go, we hope the reason you're considering terminating your subscription is that you've met someone special. If guests are unable to attend, they will be displayed at the bottom under 'People unable to attend'. How do we 'reset' RSVPs to a new date? As members are added, they will appear in the list of members at the top along with options to add and edit photos.

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FAQs 1. Enter the name and description, then click 'Add Member'. To accounnt personal details such as names, date of birth or address, go to 'Your ' and then select 'Personal Details'. You will need to edit both s and update the new wedding date here. Will my website expire before my new wedding date?

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How can I update my details? If you wish to a different photo, you can follow the steps above and the photo will be replaced. If you are unsure please contact the support team who will accoynt assist. No, if you update your wedding date on your website to your new wedding date the website will stay online up to a year after your wedding date registered. The message is set to the address associated with your Wix. How do we change the date on our website?

You can set these s to be sent to a different address by changing the contact info in your site's general settings.

Terminate your profile or taking a break

Please note: The primary address will be the only to receive notifications, the second accounh just allows the user to log into the Wedding Panel. There should be a contact address on your booking confirmation in order to amend your booking. If you do need to reset the RSVP's for your wedding due to a new account date, please the support team at gmsupport thegm. To change your business address: Go to the General Info tab in your site's dashboard. Take a break - recommended All profile and contact information remains available to you should you wish to return Your profile is not visible to other members You will not appear in searches or matches Members cannot contact you - even those who rsvp ly contacted you You cannot contact any accounf members Taking a break does not extend the expiry of any Stamp or upgraded subscription.

Depending on your site de template, you can also a cover image and background image for the top of your website. If guests do not click this link, the RSVP is still gathered and displayed in your as 'Pending Confirmation via '.

All bookings are made via a 3rd party Hotelplanner. How can I and remove site photos?

Submit a request Related articles. If you need to update your wedding date, please to your accoun select the Edit Site Content option from the top menu.

Note: This acconut change affects all your Wix sites. Scroll down the and you will see your ceremony and reception s and an edit button next to each of them.

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If you are unsure of anything or the does not appear to be working, please contact our support team who will be able to help you. A list of your albums will appear and simply click and drag the desired album to move it to a new destination. How do we change the hotel bookings made via the website? How can I change the order of my photo albums?

Your group is now created. Follow the prompts to terminate your profile.

Tip: You can use Wix Automations to send additional notifications to you or other team members every time a guest RSVPs or buys a ticket. How do I create Wedding Party Profiles? To remove a photo, please contact the support team.

A will load which displays all the s you have on your website. Once they have clicked the link it will show up as 'Confirmed Via '. Once finished, click 'Save Changes' at the bottom of the. Learn More Did this help?

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Here you aaccount include information and photos about the people playing a key part in your big day. Please remember to select the Update button at the bottom of the for the update to take place.

Consider Taking a break instead of terminating Terminating your profile is permanent and you'll lose all information related to your profile and your communication with other members from the site. Enter a new address in the field.