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Chiang mai nightlife

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Chiang mai nightlife

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In the beginning stages of planning a trip to Thailand, you must consider Chiang Mai. Why Choose Chiang Mai? Chiang Mai has been ranked by CNN as one of the top ten cities to visit in the world. It is also ranked one in Asia. Chiang Mai has an abundance of activities to cater to any interest, from elephants to local markets, to zip lining, to nightlife, it has it all.

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It also is a great tourist destination to check out during the city. The atmosphere is therefore perfect for nightliffe night full of dancing and drinking, and it is also a great place to meet fellow travelers and locals alike. Best of Chiang Mai Nightlife The variety of nightclubs and bars is a clear reflection of the fun nature of the city.

Going out for a drink

A small bar that mostly caters to a young, local audience. Address: 6 Chareon Phrathet Soi T. Rate This Place: Rated. The music is loud and thumping and the dance floors are usually packed with a mixture of Thais and foreigners.

Frequently asked questions about chiang mai nightlife

Consequently the city captures the heart of Thailand. You will cyiang able to relax amongst the lush landscape due to the surrounding five acres of gardens nestled in the Himalayas. Furthermore, you will enjoy excellent live music, a relaxed atmosphere, and delicious cocktails. Enjoy one, or enjoy them all, the option is yours.

It is therefore truly the ultimate exotic travel destination. It also is located cihang a quiet street, allowing for a break from the buzz of the city. If you booked the tour, you will be picked up from your hotel around dusk and taken to a pier to board you transport for the evening. A few days later, Unbrave Girl and I were sitting down to our sworn final drink of the night when we were given red roses and a bottle of whiskey by three Thai guys, then taken to the VIP section of a club for dancing.

This luxury resort is a 5-star luxury accommodation that is also offered as all-inclusivewith customizable features.

Nightlife in chiang mai: the best bars and clubs

Explore the fancy Nimmanahaeminda Road for upper-range bars that serve cocktails and expensive, imported beers or take a stroll around the east side of the Old City for bars that mostly cater the backpacking crowd. The U. Address: Intrawarorot Rd. Look for the open-air building and street vendors.

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Warm Up is famous for top-notch live music and has served as a springboard for many famous Thai bands. You can often in or have a go yourself.

The waiters are friendly, and in addition the drinks are excellent. Before your boat departs from the dock, choose from a wide variety of delicious Thai foods and drinks. Last but not least, you can also visit Loi Kroh Road, in the red light district of Chiang Mai, nighhtlife places that are a little more raunchy.

Chiang mai nightlife: a complete guide

In addition through the authentic architecture, the food, and the amenities, the owners hope to exceed every expectation njghtlife arrive with. Small and friendly, it is excellent option to listen to some local live music in a warm environment. One for dancing, one to listen to live music, and also one to enjoy the garden. Unsubscribe anytime!

However, it still frequently hosts local Thai bands, regardless of it trendy laser light show. The go-to place for everyone who wants a Kohpangan-esque party experience in Chiang Mai.

The styles and atmospheres available are extremely varied, going from high-end cocktail bars to rough-and-ready backpacker haunts. An entire warehouse dedicated to adult nightlife, definitely not a place to bring your family. Later at night, when the music changes to Electronic Dance Music, people start hitting the dance floor. You order your food before you board. Enjoy scenic views of the Ping River and experience a few hours of romance on a dinner cruise.

After your idyllic ride, return to the pier, where a transfer to your hotel awaits. Enjoy the drinks, have fun, and also watch the lovely choreography.

10 best nightlife in chiang mai

There are wine bars, regular bars, reggae bars, and Thai local bars, as well as nightclubs employing different aspects of Thai culture. The interior is kept very basic and the overall white walls give it a very sterile look, that is reminiscent of an art gallery. Come here for the gorgeous views, and stay for the delicious drinks! The Northgate Jazz Bar is almost always packed with people standing on the sidewalk or even the street to listen in to nightlite best musicians in Chiang Mai working their magic.

The bands are frequently quite large with six or more musicians, including horns, and they are always immaculately dressed. It is surrounded by old buses that serve as booths to order your drinks from. nightlkfe

Chiang mai best nightlife

THC Rooftop Bar opposite Tha Pae Gate open late is where you can lie down on some comfy cushions, get caned and listen to electronic music. If you want to experience the best of Chiang Mai nightlife, here are four great places to try: Monkey Club — trendy place in Nimmanhaeman that feels like a posh restaurant in a resort town in California.

Get updates from Kate Never miss a post. You can come for dinner or drinks and enjoy live music in two rooms. Musicians of famous Thai bands such as Bodyslam can sometimes be spotted having a drink here.

Just south of Tha Pae Gate, the short strip leading towards Night Bazaar is a jungle of girlie bars, massage parlours and go-go pubs with their mak staff members outside beckoning patrons like sirens. Irish Pub on Ratvithi Rd open is laid-back, has good pub food and occasional open-mic nights. Some nightlifs the musicians who play here have worked with and gotten highly influenced by American Jazz legend Sun Ra — and it shows.

While the club scene in Chiang Mai is nowhere near the level of Bangkok, there are still a few places to shake it like a dry martini.