Sex without strings one night stand dating Brisbane

sex without strings one night stand dating Brisbane

Medium build like to keep fairly fit. Olive skin with black hair and hazel eyes. I'm a single man, have a university degree and am employed full-time.

I have brown hair, blue eyes and am fit and healthy. My interests include playing tennis, swimming sailing and enjoying leisure time.

I'm 6'2 with brown hair and I like to go to the gym and partake in a number of other sporting activites to keep fit. I'm very out going with a good sence of humour and I also consider myself to be quiet easy going.

Likes positive cynics with good sence of humour. Sex straight up, don't mind sweating but am not into anything wierd. I adore more mature women. I hav a shaved head and olive skin. Surely there are some mature ladies out there that would love to meet a young guy for fun. I'm just a guy who's looking around for a few new and hopefully interesting friends.

I love music and I sing and play guitar although I'd like to be better at both. I also love a good live band when out having a few Bundy's. I work with computers so I'm around these things a fair bit.

Maybe emotions do make it better, but a one-night is still heaps of fun. I have yet to come across a girl who is ready for one night stand. Wish to meet such a girl at least once in life. Degrassi - Sounds like I've opened a personal wound. The problem with your argument, and the reason why there is judgement from a males perspective is because the one night stands you described is not with a complete stranger as the blog topic suggests.

What you say is completely true in those circumstances although this is not what I referred to in my post. You are just asking for it if you're going to move through a group of friends. To avoid the ridicule, just don't go there.

Move outside that circle of friends and meet NEW people. I understand that this town is pretty small and eventually a connection to the past will form. This should only reinforce you to tread carefully with that group of people.

But looking outside of Brisbane, there's always the coasts, Sydney, Melbourne if you want a getaway for some anonymous fun. At the end of the day everyone is different. Some people rather take a narrow minded approach and in no way am I dissing this mindset. People go through life at a level to which they feel most comfortable at.

I guess this is instilled in ones upbringing by parents, peers and society. Each to their own It is my opinion that if you share a one night stand with a man, in a loving way, and he does not respect you afterwards, that this kind of man is probably not capable of respecting you should you have a long term relationship or even marriage, should you decide to release your sexy wild parts of yourself with him.

Some would say it is better to find out sooner than later. How often have friends of mine dated men who treated them so well, but once they did get to the bedroom stage found out the guy lost all respect or interest in them, the minute,or next day after they became more intimate. Some guys have the whore madonna complex where they can only have a long term respectful thing with a woman who does not express sexuality with them. Other men think women are "dirty" if they express sexuality, and they have to overcome their hatred of the woman's sexuality by various techniques.

Throughout history attraction that could not be easily held back on often led to sex, and from there marriage often then followed, particulary if a baby was soon on the way. That if people were attracted to someone of good character, they probably had the basis for a common marriage values, and the one night stand might be just what leads to marriage.

Also in my mothers day most women were married by their early 20's if not before. I have friends in an open relationship. It works for them but I don't think it would work for me.

There is biological programming in there to ensure the future of the species. If it feels good and nobody is getting hurt, why shouldn't you?

Just make sure you both know what you're signing on for before you start. I don't believe in dual standards for men and women. I know plenty of women who are far more promiscuous than I am and I don't think any less of them for it. If they were men, they would be considered studs. I consider them a good thing. If we were all so open minded, the world might be a simpler place.

And as danno11 said, if you're offering Thankfully, I'm on a different continent in Scotland blame JB for my stumbling across this and I doubt there is any chance of a need to deliver on that. I agree with Annie. Absolutely nothing wrong with men and women having some good fun, exploring their and other's bodies.

Eventually, this experience will come quite handy once one is in a steady relationship. Make hay while the sun shines, I say. If you can't go out and have a great sexual relationship when you are in your 20's or 30's or even 40's; you are hardly going to do it in your 50's, 60's or 70's! I disagree with the exhortations of 'CK you must try a 1 night stand for yourself'. Such statements are offensive for 2 reasons:.

For suggesting that Ck, as a journalist, 'needs' to try things out. The best journalists are those who keep an air of objectivity and a sense of detached disinterest. Ultimately it boils down to men flattering themselves to think that CK would not only want to go there herself but do so with them. Get over yourselves guys. I've had a few one night stands, all I can say is it's very much a spur of the moment, fun..

It's somehow always in the back of our heads whilst single.. Meet someone, they charm you, you charm them - you've both got the same thing on your mind - why not just do it? And then it's over, and there's no need to worry about calling, making a date or not being interested in anybody else.

It's not emotionally fullfilling, but of course it's physically fulfilling to have somebody want you - there are some points in life, where you just don't even want to think of having a boyfriend.. In saying this, I don't think there is any measure up between relationship sex and a one night stand - they can't even be compared, too different. A one night stand lacks the intimacy, the respect and the history and present of a relationship.. So I don't think there's so much of a reason for it apart from maybe impulse?

Why waste your time doing the old way.. Thats Brisbane all over i guess. Its convenient and saves all the mucking around with One night stands and leaving empty handed at the end of the night. Usually theres around 40 people at these clubs. Therefore, 2 or 3 are usually on the cards at one time. Enter the numbers you see on the left. Bringing what happens in the bedroom out into the pixellated glare of cyberspace, Katherine "CityKat" Feeney will tell you everything you need to know about sex, love and relationships.

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Leva May 09, Blondie May 09, Danno11 May 09, Well CK, if your offering, name a place and a time SusieQ May 09, Robbo May 09, Pass me some of those details, i wanna make some movies! Lo May 09, Pradeep May 10, Molly May 10, CraigWA May 11, Mogambo May 12, Get out there and do it!!!

David00 May 13, Such statements are offensive for 2 reasons: Blog participants obviously don't; difference is there's no ethical obligation to do so.


Sex without strings one night stand dating Brisbane

I go on many dates with local women and I even sometimes travel to meet. With the weekend fast approaching and the bars and clubs beginning to beckon the hoards of hard-working Brisbanites looking for a little release, I wonder just how many of us will take home a stranger for a shag tonight? Copyright LocalBangs, - We have sexual needs comparable to guys, once we admit to the existence of a sex drive and get rid of the guilt, and as we all become more time poor, perhaps one-night stands are the most efficient way of serving this? I was talking to a woman who, after messaging me for a couple of days, pushed forward and arranged for us to meet. Is this why we develop those most poisonous of damaging relationships - the ones that should have stopped at just one night, but then become just one night more? How long does it take to get over a divorce? A one night stand lacks the intimacy, the respect and the history and present of a relationship. I did put in some additional details in a previous post, but someone at the Brisbane Times end censored. I'm happiest with my vibrator. Join the loads of horny Australia singles joining everyday, in their quest for exciting, no strings attached relationships.

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