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Then post something that isn't shamefully ignorant and gives the impression that you haven't figured out that women are more than objects of pleasure for men. I used to use CL before I had a smartphone, since there weren't many options other than the apps. Yep its good, still needs hook up for sex black sex dating work to be a full Craigslist Personals replacement and they need to add some extra cities in Australia but they have the majors like Melbourne and Sydney. Craigslist turned out to be one of the more favorable sites for someone like me because at craigslist personal adult services manly very least, I was getting somewhat some interest as a feminine guy even if a good portion of them were tranny chasers and well, I'm not transgender but I digress, it was just nice to at least come across people who weren't so put off by me not being masculine like I did on the apps. The new Adult Services section of craigslist is fully populated. And sometimes perusing the m4w let me look at some real hot straight bods.