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December 7, 5: Will he come home alive? Will her kids see their dad again? Like many military wives, Brisbane, Australia, resident Jane was horrified to read Australian army Capt. In Australia, it should be noted, sex work is legal, although each state in the country regulates it differently. The controversial comments spread through the defense community with lightning speed. Jane says loneliness is a massive problem for serving men and women.

Suicide rates in the military are high, with servicemen and -women more than twice as likely to commit suicide than those in the general population. But Jane says providing sex workers will only make both problems worse. They come home, tell their wives about it and get kicked out? Or keep their secret until it eats them up inside? Suicide rates will go up.

Instead, Jane thinks the Department of Defence should let serving troops spend more time with their families. As it stands, most servicemen and -women are allowed one to two weeks of leave in the middle of a deployment, when they can fly to any destination for a holiday with their partner. But deployments can last up to a year, and a week or two is just not long enough for the majority of families, with a recent survey finding 65 percent of defense partners do not feel supported.

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